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Asian, Chinese, Japanese, Zen Wedding Tips, Ideas and Theme Guide.
Posted On 09/09/2008 07:07 PM | Last Updated On 04/24/2009 04:51 PM | By WeddingCircles
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ASIAN/ZEN WEDDING THEME. An Asian/Zen themed wedding is sophisticated, elegant and calming. Avoid going to your nearest party store and buying all the Asian themed paper accessories unless you are going for the shabby without chic look. Do not buy cheap paper cutouts! Finding choice pieces that are Zen inspired is key. Make sure not to overdo the effect. Remember, Zen themes are all about simplicity and creating a soothing environment. Cluttering your wedding with everything Asian is just not going to work.

Having a few paper accessories such as lanterns or parasols can be perfect additions to your wedding decor. Hanging bold colored lanterns will instantly create drama. For a subtle, crisp look use white lanterns. To add drama to white lanterns, use colored lighting in your wedding color to flood the space.

To view paper lantern inspirations visit our Wedding Decor Inspirations » Lanterns » Paper Lanterns Gallery.

Lantern Centerpieces.

Lantern Centerpieces.

Orange Lanterns.

Orange Lanterns.

White Lanterns.

White Lanterns.

Aqua/Tiffany Blue Lanterns.

Aqua/Tiffany Blue Lanterns.

White Lanterns/Purple Lighting.

White Lanterns/Purple Lighting.

Mixed Color Lanterns.

Mixed Color Lanterns.

Using the traditional red and gold colors can be beautiful if you are having a Chinese/Asian/Zen themed wedding. However, any color scheme can be applied to a Chinese/Asian/Zen theme and doesn't necessarily have to be red and gold. Using red and gold colors can be beneficial when finding Chinese inspired decor. Red and gold Chinese inspired decor is more readily available than say pink and brown. If you are having an Asian/Zen/Japanese theme, the traditional colors are natural earth tones - greens, browns, tans and greys. Again these colors are optional and any color scheme will work with an Asian/Zen/Japanese theme.

Typically for an Asian/Zen themed wedding, bamboo, bonsai, and orchids are the choice botanicals. If a bamboo centerpiece does not suit your style and orchids or bonsai are out of budget, then having any arrangement of flowers in your color scheme will work just as good. Just because you are doing an Asian/Zen themed wedding doesn't mean everything has to be Asian/Zen inspired. Having everything be Asian/Zen inspired might be a bit much and start verging on tacky. If you aren't having Asian/Zen centerpieces, consider having more Asian/Zen decorations. If you are having Asian/Zen centerpieces then maybe you'll have less Asian/Zen decor. It is all about creating a balance.

To view more Asian/Zen Themed Flower Centerpieces visit our Centerpieces-Flowers-Asian/Zen Gallery

Usually when a bride imagines centerpieces, she typically invisions a floral arrangement. Flowers are standard centerpieces for weddings; however, they are not the only option. Candles are another popular option many brides choose. There are many ways to use candles in an Asian themed wedding. Candles can stand in a tray with Zen rocks, float in a bowl with orchids or put in an Asian style lantern. Using a little creativity and imagination there can be countless more elegant ways to use candles.

To view more Asian/Zen Themed Candle Centerpieces visit our Centerpieces-Candles-Asian/Zen Gallery

If you decide to go with centerpieces that are not Asian/Zen inspired, you may need a little more Asian/Zen decor to help with your theme. Paper lanterns and paper umbrellas can be used in an Asian/Zen themed weddings but make sure not to clutter the space. Using too many lanterns and umbrellas or too many colors can make it appear fussy. If used correctly, paper lanterns and umbrellas can create a graceful, sophisticated effect.

If you are having an outdoors wedding without a tent protecting your guests from baking in the sun, it could be a thoughtful gesture to provide paper parasols for your guests. Not only will these paper parasols provide shade for your guest, they also add to the theme of your wedding. Try to stick with one or two colors for the best effect. Having too many colors may clash and appear cluttered.

Another option to help guests cool off in an Asian themed outdoor summer wedding is a hand fan. You can decorate them to match your wedding decor and are great souvenirs for your guests to remember your special day. Tie ribbons that match your wedding color, create a custom hang tag with a message, or attach rhinestones to add some glam.

Favors- One of the biggest obstacles for many brides. Should you give something edible, something your guests can hold onto, or is the budget the deciding factor.

Check out our article:
Making a Lucky Bamboo Wedding Favor.

Here are some ideas for edible favors for an Asian themed wedding.

If you prefer something that your guests can keep to remember your Asian themed wedding and may even find useful, here are some options for you.

If budget is your concern and you don't have a preference between edible or lasting gifts, maybe these ideas will inspire a budget friendly Asian themed favor.

Take our quiz to see if you retained any information from our 'Asian/Zen Wedding Theme Guide' and make sure you are heading toward planning a sophisticated, chic, posh Asian/Zen themed wedding.

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01/07/2010 07:23 PM

Hi Val,

I think a centerpiece like that had to be custom made. I don't think you can find anything like that already made. Buy some lanterns at and find long branches to hang them on. Tie them all together and put them in a vase.

I wouldn't recommend using them on all your tables. It would look great just on a few main tables.

01/07/2010 05:02 PM

Where can i find the lantern centrepiece in the 1st picture?


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